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Homeopathy & Our View

Explore  homeopathy in day-to-day life 

Homeopathy has wider applicability in day-to-day life.

best in children, newborn 

best in teenage 

best in adults 

best in old age 

as it has no side effects and can be taken easily 

homeopathy works fast in acute diseases also but here all depends upon the accuracy of the medicine given in short depends upon our prescription, and the selection of medicine given you can read my posts in this link, where I shared my view regarding some diseases in different age groups. 

Homeopathy cures chronic diseases, and this is true. we have seen it, do it. so we can say that the only way is classical homeopathy, the original homeopathy way, no other way or shortcut exists. but apart from practicing what I observed over a period of years you can remain illness free for no. of years if you take homeopathy medicine according to your symptom analysis 2 to 4 times a year for a few years.

I firmly believe  “prevention is better than cure”  why do you fall ill  ???? 

keeping this belief alive I according to the principles of the homeopathy medicine system first on myself and then on my near ones and then gave medicine to patients over a period of years I found you can remain free from diseases for no of years secondly I found  it actually prevents and delay the disease which you are about to suffer because of your inheritance / genetic in future like family history of carcinoma, heart diseases, kidney disease, skin diseases, etc. every system of medicine has limitations, so homeopathy has too, but utilize the best part of it 

EDITORIAL DESK  [ Dr. Garima ]

Our vision is to use our experience collectively under the aegis of our Head and our mentor, Dr. Neeraj Bangia, in a most honest and sincere way and affordable homeopathy to all patients.  “healing people, serving people ”  with this strong belief we are committed to serving society.  under his guidance, apart from treating different common and uncommon health conditions we started preventive aspects of homeopathy with the sole aim to provide disease-free life to our patients and also created an online platform for second opinions for chronic, difficult, and rare diseases. 

he believes every new case is learning and that experience should be utilized in a most sincere and honest way for the benefit of another patient. 

He is truthful and genuine in his approach towards patients and our team and expects the same from us. he has a lot of ideas and a clear vision.

Every Medicine system has limitations when we treat different health conditions so homeopathy has. but with that limitation, our collective experience, and sincere intention we try to bring a smile to our patient’s faces as “healing is happiness ” & we do not publish patients before, and after photos, and video testimonials on our website. 

However, we request patients once the treatment is over, can write reviews or rate us on the website or google page. We will share our ideas, our experience, and our research regarding various health conditions in our blogs regularly. 

with regards 

Dr. Garima

FROM MY DESK ( Dr Neeraj Bangia )

Every new case is learning, every learning enhances the experience. I will share our story, you can correlate it with your story. Every suffering or disease is a story. It has beginning, it runs its course, and sooner or later comes to an end and sometimes get along with us for the rest of our life.

Over the last 21 years, we saw patients of different age groups like children, teenagers, adults, our senior citizens suffering from different diseases common, uncommon difficult, and rare in different govt and private medical organizations

I felt every disease is important in any age group as it affects our quality of life at that age and pushes us behind in our day-to-day life in some way. We try our best to get rid of it but not due to limited knowledge but due to lack of experience, we fail at times this is your story this was also our story till a few years back here I want to make you believe and explore homeopathy but strictly ONLY  classical homeopathy, which is true homeopathy. this is the only way you can get rid of your chronic existing diseases to a fairly good extent and live a disease-free life.

So learn from our story,  and share your happy story with us.  

We are in habit of writing blogs/posts over Google, where we have shared experiences regarding various Diseases (https://srhomeopathy.com/blog)

We have rich experience in treating chronic, difficult, and rare diseases through classical homeopathy. True homeopathy. This sets us Apart.

With regards,

Dr. Neeraj.