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Dr Neeraj Bangia (B.H.M.S)

Senior Homeopathy Consultant

One of our best doctor for online and clinic Consultations ( Lajpat Nagar center and Faridabad center) for chronic, Difficult, and Rare Diseases.

Done Internship At Nehru Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital
Done Research Work on upper and lower Respiratory Tract infections like Asthma, Bronchitis, etc for 1 year in the same Hospital

Ex – House physician Dr. B R Sur Homeopathic Medical College, Hospital and Research Centre, Delhi &
Ex-head Positive Health clinics Pvt ltd

Rich Experience in Hair and scalp Disease, white patches, psoriasis, lichen Planus, Eczema, Atopic Dermatitis, warts, cervical and lumbar Spondylosis, knee pains, sinusitis, Asthma, tonsillitis, allergic rhinitis, IBS, Gastric Ulcers, Acid Reflux, Piles, fissures, fistulae, Anxiety Neurosis, Depression, Autism, Behaviour Disorders, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, ovarian cysts, fibroids, Varicose veins, etc

Address: 5/7, Nirmal Puri, Lajpat Nagar 4 Near Gurudwara Vikram Vihar, New Delhi -110024
Contact no: 9910081722
E-Mail id: bangianeeraj30@gmail.com

Dr Manu bhalla sambhi (B.H.M.S)

Homeopathy Consultant

One of the best doctor on our online platform in handling Chronic Diseases. Rich and vast experience in Chronic Diseases Related to Skin, Joints ,Gastric,and female problems

Done internship from Bharti Vidyapeeth , Pune and Worked as a senior consultant in Delhi, Pune, Noida in homeopathic chain of clinics

Rich experience in Gynaecological Diseases, female infertility, menopausal syndrome, and Chronic Diseases

Address: 2/08, golden treasure apartments, vanagram, Chennai 600095
Contact no: 8178037730
E-Mail id: drmanusambhi@gmail.com

Dr Ruchita Aggarwal (B.H.M.S)

Homeopathy Consultant

Ex Head Consultant ,Bakson’s Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital , noida UP

Ex -Epidemiologist, IDSP,NHM.

One of our best doctor on our online platform for second opinion in teenagers Problems, Gynaecological Diseses, Infertility, and Gastric Disorders, Joint & Back pains and Skin Diseases

Done Intership from District Hospital,Agra,U.P

Rich experience in chronic Diseases Related to Skin and joints ,paediatric homeopathy and gynecological Diseases

Address:802,RABS Heights,Near second bridge,Civil Lines, Jabalpur. MP
Contact no: 8770249207
E-Mail id: ruchita611@gmail.com

Dr Shilpi (B.H.M.S)

Homeopathy Consultant

One of our best doctor on our online platform for second opinion in Hair and Scalp diseases, Children Diseases,Thyroid disorders, PCOD,Fibroids,

Done Internship from Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee (Civil) Hospital, Lucknow

Worked as Senior Consultant to Reputed Homoeopathic Clinics across Delhi, NCR , Lucknow , Kanpur and other places

Received several awards / certificates for successful treatment of patients.

Rich experience in Trichology , Chronic Diseases and Gynaecological Disorders

Address: Kothi no 4, Gopal Nagar, Near Don Bosco Inter college, Lakhimpur kheri 262701, Uttar Pradesh
Contact no: 8005328003
E-Mail id: drshilpisinghal@gmail.com

Dr Garima (B.H.M.S)

Homeopathy Consultant

One of our best Doctor is available for clinic consultation at the Faridabad branch for hair and gynaecological Diseases like Endometriosis, fibroadenoma, Genital warts, PCOD, Ovarian Cyst, Fibroids, Infertility, Menopausal Problems

Done Internship at Nehru Homeopathic Medical College and Research Centre, Delhi
Done Project Research Work in Gynaecological Disease ( Ovarian Cyst ) in the same hospital for 1 year.

Consultant at Faridabad Branch

Rich Experience in Trichology and Chronic Diseases Related to Gynaecological problem

Address: 436, Ashoka Enclave part 3, Sector 35, Faridabad, Haryana, 121003
Contact no: 9910081722
E-Mail id: bangianeeraj30@gmail.com